Diet for Osteoarthritis


Unlike any other healthy diet you could imagine, practicing or engaging a healthy and nutritious diet can be helpful in improving ones health whether or not you are physically healthy or physically ill. In fact, it can be a good start for your own body to be exposed and be fed by nutritious nutrients necessary for disease fighting as well as strengthening your own immune system. Additionally, diet and nutrition are the important factors in improving your health and achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Just like having a disease known to be an abnormality in the joints, yes, that is called osteoarthritis. A painful disease in the bone joints wherein it can affect your daily plan of activities once the disease will trigger and causes you so much pain.

That is why; a healthy diet is recommended in order to control the weight of these patients, which can be a great help in putting much effort on the joint itself. In other words, once you control your weight in a healthy way, the weight bearing joints will not be overly stressed therefore will not caused so much pain and swelling.

Isn’t it good? Indeed, this is the best way to start when it comes of having osteoarthritis. Aside from the benefits of being healthy, it can also help in alleviating the pain and swelling that the joints experiences. Later on this part you will know the information’s which can help you think the right way of choosing the best diet for you especially in your condition of having a disease known as osteoarthritis.


Health experts always recommend the right diet in maintaining healthy weight for all individuals. Furthermore, they also stress out that diet and nutrition provides health benefits in the human body. You know what are these? Well, first and foremost, a healthy diet can bring incredible effects unto the body:

  • It provides good chemicals in the brain where it can be an aide in the brains overall functioning.
  • An arthritis patient, having a good diet can prevent inflammation or swelling of joints and is therefore support the management of osteoarthritis.
  • It can maintain your body weight and prevent from being obese which is bad for the osteoarthritis condition. In addition to this, diet can be beneficial upon the condition of having osteoarthritis for it can prevent the attack of these symptoms. With regards to diet, the best recommended diets for osteoarthritis are:
  • Eat or consume foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are found in the fish, vegetables, walnuts and flaxseed oil. By eating this kind of foods it can forbid the productions of leukotrienes in the body, this compound are responsible in inflammatory response which happens in arthritis patient. Aside from that, it can limit the reoccurrence of flare-ups within the joints which causes painful tenderness.
  • Add ginger and turmeric content in your diet as your primary supplements.
  • Limit the use of partially hydrogenated oils and polyunsaturated vegetable oils.
  • Oily foods are also best for osteoarthritis diet like herring, mackerel, salmon, albacore tuna, sardines and anchovies. These types of foods can lessen the stiffness as well as the tenderness of the joints.
  • Always eat variety of fruits and vegetables. A colorful diet including such different varieties can be a healthful one.
  • Avoid foods that will trigger inflammation, pain and tenderness of your joints. These are:
    • The nightshade food like peppers, tomatoes and eggplants for it contains alkaloids that can worse the symptoms of arthritis.
    • Avoid refined and processed foods for it can also trigger an attack.
    • Drinking orange juice can also trigger osteoarthritis pain for it is a stimulant. So, much better to reduce the intake of this one.
  • Foods rich lutein, lycopene and carotenoids that are found in green vegetables reduce the risk of the reoccurrence of the manifestations in osteoarthritis.
  • Vitamins C, D and E together with the antioxidants can also be beneficial in controlling the symptoms to reoccur.

Remember that all these recommended diets are found to be effective for it can help osteoarthritis patients to control the symptoms especially the pain that they suffer and as much as possible prevent the reoccurrence of the said manifestations. However, you should consult first your physician which is the most important part in management of osteoarthritis.

Otherwise, if you think some foods can affect your health and can be a source of worsening the disease condition you have, and then certainly try an elimination diet, or trial and error techniques which can be source of improvements with regards to your osteoarthritis condition.

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