Does Diarrhea a Normal Signs of Pregnancy?

Diarrhea a Normal Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring physical, psychological and emotional changes to a woman and to her husband. The changes require a lot of adjustments for them, in order to adopt the sudden changes that brought by pregnancy. Also, the changes verify the reality and mark the progress of a pregnancy.

Moreover, the physiologic changes of pregnancy occur gradually, and then eventually affect all organ system on the body of the expectant mothers. Additionally, these changes are due to hormonal changes happens inside the body and these sudden alteration of homeostasis in a woman’s body are necessary.

Why? Because changes allow happening during pregnancy, for it provides oxygen and nutrients for her growing baby, also for her extra nutrients, for her own increase metabolism.

Aside from that, it also prepares her body for labor and birth as well as for her lactation, in order to provide food for the development of her growing child. Because of this, both women and their husband should have the responsibility to prepare and manage well the pregnancy, for it depends to their care the success of a healthy pregnancy.

On the other hand, there are signs and symptoms that the woman experience during pregnancy. During the first trimester, the woman often experience nausea, vomiting, weight gain, swollen nipples/ breast tenderness, missed periods and increase sense of smell.

In addition to this, diarrhea and constipation are also one of the symptoms during pregnancy. Diarrhea among pregnant women can last from 1- 10 days depending on the cause and it can range from mild to severe type of diarrhea.

During pregnancy, diarrhea should not last longer. If diarrhea will last for more than two days, then call your physician immediately. Additionally, diarrhea sometimes is an indication of premature labor. Almost of the expectant mothers experience diarrhea, because their digestive system will reacts to the hormonal imbalance during conception.

Sometimes most women with eight weeks pregnant, they are not experiencing the common symptoms of pregnancy like being nauseated, instead of vomiting, they tend to have diarrhea. Definitely, diarrhea can be a sign of pregnancy.

However, as describe, diarrhea is not exactly the kind of common diarrhea that we experience, or the watery stools; rather, it is just looser stools than normal. Additionally, some pregnant women prefer these symptoms than vomiting.

Medically speaking, diarrhea during pregnancy can be a concern. Yes, indeed, it is not a disease but rather these are stools that are watery or loose that occur 3 times or more within 24 hour period. It can be brought by many causes.

Mostly, during pregnancy, diarrhea can cause by food poisoning, stress, food allergy, lactose intolerance and stomach flu or in other term, viral gastroenteritis.

Moreover, when a pregnant women experience diarrhea, most of the case will just go away on their own, however, if it is still continuously experience for some then, it is a big concern to look for. Why? It is because diarrhea can lead to dehydration, which is a very major concern.

Usually, pregnant women can become dehydrated in a short period that is why, it is important to manage the degree of diarrhea before it can cause major problem.

Mostly, during pregnancy, diarrhea can bring about by bacterial infection. It may usually through food and water contamination. That is why pregnant women are very sensitive to these things, and it is very important to be very careful in foods.

Also, parasites can be one of the causes of diarrhea. Because of these, it enters into the body through the aide of food and water, and will settle down in the digestive system thus resulting to diarrhea.

Lastly, diarrhea can be cause by increase in water intake. Usually, it can be due to foods that are high in water content like fruits, vegetables, and large amount of water intake.

If diarrhea persists for longer than 2 days, then it is the time you consult your physician. Before you take any medicine, it should be consulted first to your physician to avoid danger to your unborn child.

Usually, to avoid dehydration, oral rehydration, therapy like pedialyte can be very helpful to prevent dehydration. This solution will help replace the loss fluids in the body especially the electrolyte losses.

Finally, diarrhea can be sign of pregnancy. But it should be a great concern once it prolong in a longer time.  It is not good in continuously prolong the course of diarrhea for it can cause dehydration. And dehydration can be a danger to pregnant women. Also, diarrhea can cause electrolyte imbalances. Once severity will proceed, then danger will harm her and to her baby.

Definitely, if a pregnant women experience diarrhea, she should seek early treatment, in order to have proper management thus preventing danger. And most of all, pregnant women should take careful in eating foods and ingesting water.

Avoid eating outside that you know it is not safe to prevent food poisoning and always drink water that is not contaminated.

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