The Importance of Pregnancy Exercises

Pregnancy Exercises

Pregnancy is a crucial stage for both the mother and the child inside the womb. Pregnant mothers need to take extra care of her self and take extra nutritious food to provide enough nutrients for her body and the child in her womb.

Woman’s body is constantly change whenever she is pregnant, thus a balanced diet and an exercise program is advised to keep her body in shape and allow her to deliver in labor without much life-threatening difficulties.

This stage makes a lot of drastic changes in the woman’s body, like changes in hormonal patterns. Thus, there will be lots of uncomfortable symptoms like swelling and tenderness of the breasts, sensitivity to smells, fatigue, nausea, increased rate of urination, and the two of the most obvious, mood swings and weight gain.

Most women would have these symptoms minimized or subsided at their 12th week of pregnancy, but in some cases, these symptoms still appear.

The woman’s breast may increase in size and her nipples will get darker. Physicians recommend woman to gain 9 to 12kg (or 22 to 26lbs) by the end of pregnancy to ensure a healthy and bouncing baby.

Many doctors advise their pregnant patients to get into exercises during their pregnancy. Exercise programs for pregnant women are different from regular workouts, they are specialized to keep fitness, prevent excess weight loss, make labor so much easier and keep the mother’s body healthy even after labor.

Of course, not all pregnant can enroll into exercise programs right away, a doctor’s advise and evaluation and a specialized program is needed to ensure the child’s safety in the womb.

The most popular exercise for woman is simple and fundamental exercises, walking and running are just two of them. These exercises aim to strengthen the cardiovascular system of the mother for a healthier heart and lungs. Walking is suitable for most types of pregnant women; this exercise can be started after the doctor gives a go signal. It is a low impact and low intensity exercise, thus it can’t impose much harm to the baby inside the womb.

Running on the other is a more intense exercise; this may not be suitable for most women. Those women who had been running regularly are the only ones advised to have this kind of exercise. However, they can’t sprint and tire themselves too much, as it can stress the baby. What they can do is to walk faster, almost running, to keep the body strong and healthy.

Exercise routines like the pelvic floor exercises are good options for pregnancy exercises. The pelvic muscles are the muscles helps hold the baby inside the womb, and it will be used for labor. Thus to make them strong and make sure they can deliver well in the day you expect them to work; you should prepare and exercise these muscles.

Water aerobics and swimming are also good whole body exercise. It can provide good cardio and tone the muscles. Because you exercise in the water, there will be not much of impact that can harm the child inside.

The will also be very little risk of injury in swimming than in walking and running. Pregnant women are more flamboyant in water, thus they can move easier and feel lighter as they exercise in the pool. Enrolling in a water aerobics class is really advised.

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