Introduction to Pregnancy Kits

Introduction to Pregnancy Kits

Pregnancy changes the hormonal pattern of the woman, thus the first sign of it is missed menstrual period. Missed menstrual period is what most women look for when they suspect to be pregnant, other symptoms are manifest physically like breast swelling and tenderness, weight gain and frequent urination.

Some signs really affect the woman’s emotions and mood like nausea, sensitivity to smells and mood swings. This is the time when they start to use pregnancy test kits.

How do these test kits work?

Hormonal imbalance is the clue for bearing a child in the woman’s womb, this imbalance will manifest through the urine and blood. Test kits look for a special hormone called hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine. This hormone is also called the pregnancy hormone.

The hCG develops when there’s a fertilized egg implanted in the uterus. Normally, this occurs 6 calendar days after conception. But some study shows that, embryo implants longer than 6 days for other women. The amount of hCG in the woman’s body increase as the days goes on.

Some kits in the market say that they can give you accurate results on the specific day you expect your period. Some even say they can give you accurate the day after your missed period. But study shows that most of these types of these kits give inaccurate results. The best way to use a testing kit is to wait for a week after the missed period to give a more accurate reading.

There are also some kits that test the blood instead of the urine. But the thing about this kit is that, you can’t do this on your own, as you would have to go and see your doctor to conduct for the test.

Nowadays, most women use home pregnancy test or HPT before going to the doctor. HPT are easy to use, affordable and private. It is available in most drug stores. However, this test will give accurate results 2 weeks after your ovulation.

HPT are not accurate all the day, they may show readings that you are pregnant. In this case, you have to consult your doctor. Doctors use more sensitive and more accurate results through their exams and equipments. Consulting your doctor in the early weeks of your pregnancy is the perfect way to keep your baby healthy inside your womb.

Doctors conduct two types of blood exams for pregnancy. Blood can pick up hCG in the woman’s body. Blood exams can determine if you are positive in just about 6 to 8 days after your ovulation. One example of blood test is the quantitative blood test; this can measure the exact level of hCG in your blood, which makes this test very accurate. The other blood test, which is the qualitative hCG test, checks the presence of the hormone in your body. This can tell if you are pregnant or not.

There are so many HPT available in the market right now. Most drugstores sell this device over the counter. You can choose from $8 to $20. Price usually depends on how many tests are in inside the box or on the brand of the tool. The most accurate way to use this tool is testing the urine first thing in the morning.

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