Lactation without Pregnancy

Lactation without Pregnancy

Lactation basically occurs to women in their reproductive years, ranging from 16 years old to 40 years of age. It is often associated with pregnancy. Occasionally, when we heard about lactation it means, it is a period of milk making and milk secretion from mammary glands in order to provide food to the infant. It is their primary source of food for them to have nourishment and for them to have good body and brain development. Moreover, lactation basically occurs during postpartum period meaning the period after the woman giving birth.

There is a hormone called prolactin, in which it is responsible for the lactation development in which when this hormone increases, it sends signals to the brain to stimulate milk production in the mammary gland for mothers to produce milk. In addition to this, lactation and pregnancy are interconnected to each other, thus it is expected that right after pregnancy lactation will follow. However, there are some cases that involve lactation without pregnancy.

Yes, some women experience this kind of cases. Though for some it is very alarming but others view it as harmless. If lactation occurs without pregnancy there is probably some underlying problem that needs further management. Here are some common reasons of women experience lactation without pregnancy.

First reason is unseen miscarriage. It means woman didn’t know if she is pregnant and when she has a miscarriage, she thought it is just an ordinary menstruation. Usually, miscarriage is associated with heavy bleeding with painful menstruation, which you cannot distinguish whether it is only a normal menstruation or a missed conception.

Miscarriage is brought by hormonal changes or imbalance in which it can lead to lactation even without being pregnant. In this situation, women suffering from unseen miscarriage should be very responsive to see a doctor right away in order to prevent further complications which yield to serious problems. Second is hormonal changes or imbalance.

High levels of hormones in the body can contribute to sudden changes in the system or the body’s homeostasis. When prolactin hormone tends to increase in its higher level or above from its normal count, it can trigger the brain to send signals to secrete milk production in the breast even if you are not pregnant.

Some reasons for this sudden increase in hormone production probably because of taking certain medications that can contribute to this sudden increase or maybe having other underlying problem. Third problem is due to drugs and herbs intake. There are medications that can create hormonal imbalances which would later lead to milk production.

Moreover, there are effects of this drugs that blocks the dopamine in the body causing the prolactin hormone to increase on its level resulting to production of milk even though the women is not pregnant.

Some examples are Domperidone, Reglan, sulfiride and other pills that contain high estrogen level. It is most important to know the consideration of these drugs for you to be aware and inform upon taking it.

You should take time to review t and learn the side effects of these drugs, the reaction it gives in the body, the adverse reaction and always ask questions to your physician about the medication given if certain doubts occur. It is better to be more cognizant when it comes to taking medication for you to be aware and less ignorant.

On the other hand, herbs can also cause lactation when taken in more than the desired recommended dose. There are herbs that can cause lactation even without getting pregnant.  Some of these are anise seed, cumin seed, fenugreek, fennel, blessed thistle, goat’s rue and hops.

So women who drink regularly the extracted herbs should follow the right recommended dose to avoid problems at the end. And the last is could be nipple spur. Yes, indeed, when the nipples are sucked regularly, this sucking activity signals the brain to motivate lactation thus resulting to milk productivity.

Furthermore, when the nipples are sucked for almost 20 minutes, eight to ten times per day for a minimum period of three to four weeks the mammary gland will then produce milk. Amazing isn’t it? With this facts above women have a clear awareness about this kind of condition.

Finally, women experience this case, lactating without pregnancy; she should be bother for it can harm her health and always go to her OB to seek a professional’s advice. A doctor is the only person that she should see for her to assess better the problem and plan for the remedy of the case.

Doing this will prevent the underlying problems from getting worse. Getting a medical attention should be very important in order to provide the patient a proper management and treatment procedure that will help her solve the problem she’s experiencing.

It is better to be sure rather than not minding the problem. If the woman experiencing imbalances especially hormone imbalance it is very important to have check it with a physician so that proper medical explanation will be given and certain test will be conducted for better treatment procedure.

Lastly, having a health conscious attitude will help the individual prevent serious problem at the end. And inhibit the disease from accumulating the body. Most importantly, prevention is better than cure.

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