Understanding on How Pregnancy Test Kits Works

Pregnancy is a stage of woman’s life where she is given a chance to bear a person and give life. It is crucial stage of where constantly needs love and care from her partner and most especially, from her family.

Pregnancy bring a lot of hormonal activities in woman’s body, causing her to have lots of body changes and abrupt mood swings that sometimes hard to understand, especially for first-time mothers.

Missed menstrual period is the first noticeable hit in being pregnant; however this can sometimes be mistaken of skipped pr irregular menstrual periods. Some physical signs can cause the woman’s mood condition like nausea and sensitivity to smells which often leads to mood swings.

Physical conditions can also give noticeable signs; these are weight gain, swelling and tenderness of the breasts and frequent urination. However, these signs can be mistaken with some other physical conditions that can be associated with hormonal fluctuations in a woman’s body, thus to make no wrong assumptions, it is very important to seek answers from reliable medical tools such as pregnancy kits.

How Pregnancy Test Kits Work

Hormonal changes are normal in a woman’s body due to menstrual cycles. However, during pregnancy, there will be a significant change in a woman’s hormonal pattern. This imbalance will manifest through her blood and urine.

Kits like these looks for a special hormone related to bearing a child in the womb, this hormone can be found in the urine which is called the human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG.

This hormone develops 6 days after conception, and only if there was a fertilized egg present in the uterus during sexual intercourse. Some study however shows that, embryos implants in some women show longer than 6 days. The level of hCG in a woman’s body increases as days go by.

Many kits in the market claim that they can give you the most accurate results, even from the very day you expect your period. Some kits even say that they can give you the specific day of your pregnancy after you missed your period.

However, many studies show that most claims are inaccurate, as it can be really hard to get an accurate reading just few days after you miss your period. The best time to use kits are still one week after the missed period.

There also some kits that uses blood instead of urine to find out if you are really bearing a child. This kit can give you the most accurate reading. However, you can’t do the test on your own, nor you can’t purchase this kit in your favorite drug stores, as it can only be conducted by your doctor.

There are so many brands of pregnancy kits available in the market right now. They are easy to use, private and affordable. HPTs or home pregnancy tests are available in most drugstores, and you can get this without prescription. HPTs price range from $8 to $25.

Some HPts don’t really give accurate results, thus you may have to use more than 2 kits to make sure you’re getting accurate reading. If you’re still unsure of what the reading you got, then you can consult your doctor for a more accurate and comprehensive reading.

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