How to Prepare Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

What is gestational diabetes? It is a condition that the blood sugar level is high during pregnancy period. However, after the delivery, it goes away or your blood sugar level will be back to the normal range. But, it is not the indication that you will not get diabetes, later on if you have a history of diabetes during pregnancy it has a possibility to develop or acquire diabetes even if you are not pregnant.

In gestational diabetes, what happen to your body is that, it does not make enough insulin to convert glucose to energy usage. This problem can be harmful to you or even to your unborn baby.

Proper management and control to your blood sugar plays a great effort to your health and also to your baby. In order to have proper control and management, you need to have a diet plan to prevent high glucose level of the blood.

In a pregnant woman, carbohydrate is very important to the diet plan. Why? Because it is the primary source of glucose that the cell is will need. Glucose is the major source of energy in the body the primary source of carbohydrate comes from starchy foods like pasta, tomatoes breads, rice and grains. Additionally, it can also be found in dairy food, sugar, sweets, vegetables and fruits.

On the other hand, the right serving of carbohydrate that the pregnant woman needs to take is 12-15 grams. They should never exceed to the allowed recommended servings to prevent increase in blood sugar level.

For calorie intake, the pregnant woman has an extra 300 calories per day aside from 2,200 calorie requirements of a normal person. These are equivalent to 16-17 calories per pound. Moreover, protein is also important to help the baby grow normally. All in all, the pregnant woman should have 45-60% of calories from carbohydrate 15-25% from protein and 20-30% from fats. Be sure to meet this entire diet requirement for good health results.

Before developing a good diet plan, pregnant woman who have gestational diabetes should consult to their dietician to have team work in having a good diet plan. Also, a dietician knows what the best foods for the mothers to intake for the benefits for her and her unborn baby. Keep in mind that gestational diabetes patient should always control their blood sugar by diet alone. They should eat 3 meals each day and snacks for at least twice per day.

It is very important to have snacks at bedtime in order to prevent hypoglycaemic overnight. However, your dietician will instruct you eat your snacks in the morning or later in the afternoon depending on the event of hypoglycaemic attacks.

Also, eat at the same time per day and never skip your meals or snacks. And most importantly eat only the foods and exact amount of foods present in your diet plan. Moreover, avoid foods and beverages that contain additional sugar such as jams and jellies.

Here are some examples of diet plan that should be followed to all gestational diabetes patients. For carbohydrate servings, in one day, mothers should consume 15 grams of carbohydrates and should eat 6-10 servings’ per day.

For example, she should eat 3 servings of breads and starches. Of course she should include fruits in her diet plan. Since fruits are belonging to the carbohydrate food groups, she should consume or eat 2 servings per day. Also, avoid drinking juice or limit to ½ cup per day if the blood sugar is high. Moreover, dairy products are included in the diet plan.

The right serving of the dairy foods is 2 servings per day. Any of the lists in the dairy products are allowed eat and only consume 2 servings in day. Additionally, vegetables are also included. Eat at least 2 servings per day. Since vegetables belong to the carbohydrate groups, the servings should be balance to the other foods in the list so that exact calorie will be met.

In the gestational diabetes diet plan, it also includes the non-carbohydrate food groups, which include meat and meat substitutes. The desired recommended requirement of meat should be eating 3-5 servings per day. Either she can eat 1 large egg or 2-3 oz cooked meat, fish and poultry or ½ cup cooked dried beans. It only depends on the servings in a day. On the other hand, in the diet plan, fat is always present. People should eat 1-3 servings per day.

When you follow this diet plan, you should be responsible to strictly consume and allow the diet recommended for you, so that the present condition will not cause major problems especially upon delivery.

Finally, frequent consultation to your dietician is a greater factor for you to have a good cooperation n the diet plan. This way, the plan that you dietician will create come up to a good result.

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