How We Can Stop Insomnia

How We Can Stop Insomnia

A number of cases in the population nowadays suffer in the condition called insomnia. When we say insomnia, it means, the person has a difficult time trying to fall asleep. Most of the cases probably cause by one or more factors, which are, psychological causes, like depression, stress and anxiety, also physical and short term social factors also contribute the condition. Moreover, such condition are difficult to handle, some people find it hard to stop such condition.

In an addition to this, people suffering from insomnia can badly affect their health condition and some negative side effects. Insomnia can affect someone’s memory function, can result in poor driving, lower down testosterone level in men, worsens someone’s depression and even affect someone’s emotional status.

Because of these, not only the health of the individual is affected but also the social and professional life as well. So, it is very important to stop this condition immediately to avoid severity of the problem. How we can stop insomnia? Well, there are lots of ways to stop such condition.

There are ways to control and stop insomnia. To stop insomnia in a healthy way, a person should, first, practice rituals before sleeping. Yes, you can do meditation as your ritual. Remember that anxiety and stress are common factors contribute to insomnia, and the best management for these is through meditation. People should clear their mind from stress and need time to relax from thinking so that they can be able to sleep soundly at night.

Additionally, according to studies, people who are anxious and stress the whole day and keep thinking at bedtime, found out that they have high amounts of tension hormone in the blood, thus affecting someone’s sleeping time. That is why, take some rest and meditate 20-30 minutes every night before you sleep to clear up your mind from the day’s work.

Second way of stopping insomnia is having a good and relaxing body massage prior going to bed. Body massage is an effective way to release anxiety and stress in the body. Additionally, a relaxing body massage also eliminates toxins in the body, reduce body fatigue, improve tone and lubricate joints. Relaxation therapy such as body massage can greatly help to prevent and stop insomnia. Also, a good shower after the massage can promote relaxation in the body and definitely give you a sound, peaceful sleep.

Third way is to limit the intake of chocolates and all caffeinated beverages.  Don’t you know that constant eating of chocolates and caffeine before going to sleep stimulates your mind activity thus resulting to difficulty having a good night sleep. Though it is not harmful to eat such things but when it comes to bedtime hours, you should limit or not eat this stuff to prevent such problem.

Fourth, drink plenty of water the whole day, approximately 1,500-2,000 ml of water and 500-1,000 ml of water beyond 6 pm. It is because, drinking a lot of water in the day helps in eliminating the poisons and toxins in the kidneys, keeping your body free from toxins. Moreover, by having limited intake of water beyond 6pm, this will avoid sleep disturbances brought about by frequent urination.

Fifth, have calm and soothing music during bedtime. Listening to classical music like Mozart or even instrumental music can help your mind relax and get rid of stress. This way, it can help someone stop having insomnia and have peaceful sleep.

Sixth, a person should have proper diet and regular exercise. It is good for someone to eat a healthy food rich in tryptophan, one of the essential amino acid found in whole grain, tofu, beans, nuts and dairy products that will stop insomnia.

And lastly, talking to a sleep therapist can be a great help to lessen and even help you stopping insomnia. A sleep therapist can give you good management therapeutically in order for a person to help solving their problems. Constant verbalization of feelings can alleviate the patient’s problem in sleeping and also helping the physician gathered pertinent data to come up with a good treatment plan.

Dealing with sleep problems like insomnia requires a lot of effort to minimize and even stop it from occurring. In involves lifestyle changes, an open mind is a plus and most of all a good self discipline can be helpful.

The tips mention above can give you an idea to eliminate and stop the problem you’ve experience. Bear in mind that, a person’s body is not a robot, it needs rest. If you want your insomnia to be stop then, try the tips accordingly. And if the problems persist, consult your physician right away.

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