Causes and Treatments for Mini Stroke

Treatments for Mini Stroke

Though may sound like a minor or pseudo type, but mini stroke or also known as transient ischemic attack, can greatly affect the brain and impose big damage. Mini stroke occurs in a short period of time, it can only last for few minutes.

Then after the attack, the brain will resume to its function and there will be a normal flow of blood. Normally, an individual recovers from this attack for only 24hrs right after if happened. But a recurring case of this condition can impose brain damage which will cut blood circulation in the brain.

The right treatment and medication is advised for all the people who often suffer from this condition. But unlike stroke, mini stroke enables you to live normally even after an attack. The brains cell that has been deprived from oxygen becomes full operational again after the symptom disappears. This article will talk more of the causes of this condition and its treatments and medications.

A poor supply to the brain is what causes the attack. Build up of fat deposits in the arteries that blocks the flow of blood to the brain is the primary factor that contributes to such attack. Other cases are caused by occurrence of blood clots in the arteries. The fat deposits and the clotting are attributed mainly to unhealthy lifestyle and bad diet habits.

Symptoms of stroke and mini stroke are somewhat similar, except that in the latter; the attack is short, which will not impose permanently big damage in the brain. Our brain controls every part of our body, from our muscles to bones; this kind of illness makes body regular movements hard to perform.

Depending on which area of the brain is not getting enough blood flow and the severity of the condition, an individual may experience difficulty in balancing while walking or even holding a pen or pencil and write a word on a paper. The usual symptom of this condition is numbness in facial muscles which can spread up to the arms and legs, which are then followed by vision problems, inability to utter words properly, nausea and dizziness.

Treatments for this condition is ought to stop the recurrence of attacks. Most doctors give specific oral medications for the patients to minimize the risk and severity of attacks.

Because this condition is caused by the blood clots along the arteries that block the flow of blood to the brain, the primary medication is to prevent and dissolve the blood clots. Also, with the help of the drugs, the existing clots may no longer increase in size. This drug is called the anti-platelet drugs.

Our blood which contains platelet is what causes clotting. The medication restricts the function of these platelets and doesn’t allow them to settle on the arteries. Aspirin and aggrenox are usually prescribed by the doctors.

Another known treatment for mini stroke is the Anticoagulants. This medication is used to prevent further risks of blood clotting on the arteries. This drug promotes processes the restrict blood flow by forming semisolid lumps. Examples of this kind of drug are heparin and warfarin, both were anti-clotting agents present in the body.

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