Types of Stroke that Leads to Serious Health Problems


In the long list of health conditions leading to death in America, stroke and its related conditions is ranked 3rd, making it one of the most common disability-causing and life-threatening disease.

This condition is widely spread all over the world, but the number of affected individuals of this disease varies from place to place. This is a serious medical condition that needs to be dealt with to avoid permanent brain and motor damage.

In United States alone, survey says that almost 700,000 Americans suffer from attacks of this condition every year, nearly 25% of this are fatal attacks and 160,000 of these attacks results to death. In America, someone experience a stroke in every 45 seconds and someone dies from its complications in every about 3 minutes. This condition was believed to take almost $40 billion from the country’s health care and productivity lost each year, making it one of the many medical conditions that should not be taken for granted.

Stroke is a medical condition that affects the brain, it occurs when there is not enough oxygenated blood sent in to the brain. Blood that is rich in oxygen is rich in nutrients, the oxygen and nutrients are needed by all the cells in our body, especially the brain cells to function well.

For some reasons, maybe due to narrowing blood stream caused by accumulation of excessive cholesterol in the bloodstream towards the brain, the flow of blood is compromised because of the blockage. When there is not enough oxygen to reach the brain even for a few minutes, the brain cells will start to die, causing damage to other parts of the body, particularly to one side of the body. If the attacks are quite severe, it can result to comatose (brain dead) or even death.

There are actually two types of strokes categorized by the professionals to identify the severity of stroke attacks, its damage and its treatment. Strokes are basically caused by internal problems such as 1) Blockage along the blood flow and deposits that forms clots along the blood stream, and 2) internal bleeding.

Blockage along the blood flow, or also known as ischemic type of stroke, is the most common type. This condition usually occurs when something is blocking the blood vessels along the brain and neck. This type of attack is responsible for almost 80% of all attacks. Obstruction in the major arteries that stops the flow of oxygenated blood, or also known as atherosclerosis, is the second type of stroke.

Bleeding that develops and accumulates fatty acids along the walls of major arteries cause problems to the flow of blood in the body. When the fatty acids along the arteries develop, it can cause obstruction and narrow the space for the blood to flow. Atherosclerosis may sometimes become set-up conditions attacks, and although it is not a common attack, it can be quite deadly.

The other 20% of the remaining attacks is caused by hemorrhagic stroke or bleeding. Severe internal bleeding, particularly in the brain and/or along the space outside the brain, can compromise the flow of oxygen in the brain. This type of attack usually happens a blood vessel weakens and tears, causing blood to flow out from the arteries. The escaped blood will spread along the brain tissues causing health problems like stroke.

Both types of strokes are deadly, can be really devastating even if you survive.

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